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Governing law:      LAND ACT (Cap 227)

An Act to provide for the tenure, ownership and management of land; to amend and consolidate the law relating to tenure, ownership and Management of land; and to provide for other related or incidental Matters.


Others laws: Physical planning Act 2010


Ground rent  is an annual payment made by the tenant (Lessee) to the land lord (Lessor) revisable according to the terms of the lease agreement.


Who pays Ground rent?

Lease holders of KCCA public land offered by Kampala District Land Board and Holders of KCCA land.


How much Ground Rent is payable?

The amount payable varies according to the market value of the plot/land as determined by the valuers.


Why pay Ground Rent:

Legally, the Tenant/ Lessee have a contractual obligation to pay ground rent.



What if I do not pay?


Failure to pay ground rent will allow the lessor to re-enter the property/plot and lease it out to a new tenant.  If any arrears remain outstanding on the lease, the lessee will be committed to a process of recovery by distress.

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